A new FPO pool on Wanchain

Now Wanchain’s cross-chain bridges are open and attracting more liquidities.
Wanlend and Wanswap are working. They are building a DeFi package.
How about we launch a new pool on Wanchain, like a wanUSDT pool?
It will be cheap and helpful to attract more liquidity for FinNexus.

Probably need to check how much USDT or USDC are crossed over to Wanchain for now.

There are currently 580,009 wanUSDT and 94,813 wanUSDC running on Wanchain.

Good idea imo. Clearly wanUSDT is far more utilized on wanchain. Could bring a much bigger pool than usdc!

I would say why not.
Wanchain is cheap and it is helpful to increase our TVL.

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