About the token distributions on Wanchain and Ethereum

After the massive token burn decided by the community. The majority of token minted is still on Wanchain. Right now, the minted tokens on Ethereum are the ones in circulation, in Uniswap and Sushiswap AMM LPs and in FPO.

The vested allocations like community reward reserves, institutions, teams are all on Wanchain.

However, Ethereum holds most of the FinNexus circulating ecosystem and TVL now.

Do you think it is necessary to move these vested tokens to Ethereum and locked there? Or we can leave it as it is on Wanchain.

Please check the dashboard here. https://finnexus.io/dashboard


Yes, I would move it to the chain with the most actual usage.

Only way to instill confidence to many ETH holders (and potential new project users) that haven’t had any exposure to wanchain. Right now it’s a bit obscure.

To be totally honest, the wanchain part made me ignore the project at the start.


I think an qual distribution would be a good idea. Not everyone is familiar with wanchain (they should) so having coins minted on ethereum would be a good idea.


I agree.
Eth should be FNX’s main battlefield and we should move the majority of tokens there.

Agree, the exchange withdrawal fee is very expensive

The majority of FNX tokens have been moved to Ethereum and using the decentralized bridges to BSC and Wanchain, powered by http://bridge.wanchain.org/

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Awesome. I saw the dashboard changing and was worried for a while.