Compensation plan addition

So the question of how to compensate the post hack buyers seems to be a controversial one. Are there any forms of compensation the community would support for example swapping old diluted fnx 10:1 for new cFNX2 (locked for 6 months). I think it would essentially serve as an airdrop to people who were drawn to FNX after the crash temporarily brought down its value. It would really be a goodwill gesture and may not cost much from a tokenomics perspective as the volume of these tokens may not be that much compared to the other compensation plan components. Allowing these tokens to be staked for further mining would also incentivize holding and not dumping the token.

“Post hack” is an ambiguous period. How long after the hack is “post hack”? If I buy now at 0.00151364 BUSD per FNX, can I expect to receive “cFNX2” to sell later at a potentially higher price? If the project announce compensation for post hack buys, will it encourage trading of hacked tokens?

People moaning the most are those bought on exchanges. Presumably people bought FNX on exchanges instead of swaps are not protocol users. They bought crashed tokens in the hopes that they would rebound like BTC. They should be responsible for their own trades. I don’t mean to say they deserve it. But every participant suffered losses in the hack, especially investors and liquidity providers.

Even if the project swap old FNX for new cFNX2 at 10:1, will they satisfy? They would want immediate tradable tokens to dump instead of locked tokens in the exchanges. How likely are they going to become protocol users and liquidity providers? Will exchanges help in monthly unlock and distribution?

“Post hack” is NOT an ambiguous period, dev can freeze the token transfer and announce the snapshot, not a hard thing.
For people bought on CEXs, much easier, just airdrop to the exchange’s address, the redistribution should be decided by the exchange itself.