FinNexus Trading Cup

With the current options trading competition, I figured it might be a good idea to make this a regular thing and something special about FinNexus. I have no idea what the economics behind the competition is (like whether it is meant to attract more fees than rewards, or just as a marketing thing when the fees are not really important for the team, or something in between, or something completely different.) Anyway, the idea…

Once decentralized leveraged tokens arrive, there would be two main instruments on the platform - options and leveraged tokens. There could be a competition every quarter running for a week or two (like now) with options and leveraged tokens rotating (so practically options competition every 6 months and leveraged tokens every 6 months).

The regularity of competition would allow to label it somehow. And once you have a name/label, you can “sell” it better. My first idea was FinNexus Trading Cup. And since it’s a cup, there could be, in addition to FNX prizes like now (probably lower if it were regular but again, I have no idea about the economy behind the competition), “actual” cups for the Top 3 as NFTs. Maybe the pixel guys from the ZooKeeper can help with that. And maybe NFTs for the current 0th round of competition might be something special (still like 10 days to go)…


Sounds like a great idea to me. Awesome way to get the community involved and using the products! Every 6 months sounds good as we obviously can’t continuously be giving out prizes!

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This sounds like an awesome idea that would help in community building. I would be curious to see some detailed stats from the current ongoing competition which may give some insight on the best way to structure any future competitions.

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