Implement a step by step guide to help users use options

Hi all,

We all know that options is someting a bit obscure for majority of people and crypto holders.

That’s why I think it would be a good thing to implement a step by step guide to help users to know how they can use options at their advantages.

I prepared a draft (in Google forms format: linke below) that allows to identify the needs of users by asking them quetions and so, at the end, propose a options strategy to implement. That’s a draft, because I don’t have made all the calculations. That’s why at the “Result” pages there are “XXX” spaces. Ideally, developers will create all the calculation behind based on all the answers given by users. Like that at the end, users can just click on a button that redirect him to buy corresponding put/call to the strategy that suits their needs.

What do you think of this idea? Is it technically feasible?

IMO it would allow to bring a lot of people to use options. If I refer to my own experience, when I didn’t really know what option was, I would have loved to have this kind of step by step guide.

What do you think?? All comments are welcome.

Link of the step by step draft:


I just tried out the questionnaire in the link and it was actually very intuitive. It seems simple to implement to help out newer users even as a link on the page simillar to The result page is nice it gives the relevant information.

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Awesome work!! It could be very helpful.

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I really love the idea. There could be a guidance page on the front UI for unexperienced traders.

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I really like the idea, we just need to be careful that it does not end up being “investment advice.” But if framed correctly “primer of how options can help you optimize your portfolio” it’s definitely a winner.

Beyond that I really think we need again an options calculator/simulator that allows you to quickly visualize the effect on your options purchase depending on different price developments, like in the old version or on

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Thanks Ryan!

Do you think it’s possible to implement a guide like this, accesible via a tab on

Obviously, the idea is not to have it in Google forms format but to gave access to it via the website as a web pages totaly integrated on the actual website ( keeping the same design, etc). And of course, all the calculations would have to be done automatically based on the data entered by the user at each step. So it requires some hours of work for the developers. I’m not a dev, so I can’t do it :wink:

And as Archon said, add a clear indication that is not investment or financial advice.

But what is the next step to go forward with that? A vote is needed or who has to validate it or how to decide what to do with this proposition?