Labelling/naming the mining pool address on EtherScan


I was just wondering whether it would be possible to “name” the mining address on EtherScan. Something like “Mining Pool” so that it is clear it is not a whale holding 40% of the tokens but that 40% is in the mining pool. Would that be possible?

I mean this one: 0x919a35a4f40c479b3319e3c3a2484893c06fd7de



Let me check it out, thanks.

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Do you know exactly how to accomplish it?

Not really. Just did a bit of Googling and it seems you can do it directly through Etherscan when you attach the wallet like MetaMask to it. Not sure whether this can be done in general or just some specific cases. Anyway, it would a Googling exercise rather than actually knowing.

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