Listing in new CEXs

I would like to see FNX in the Brazilian market, I suggest @mercadobitcoin. There is a fever here in Brazil the options market.
What I hear from online courses and the demand is great, 99% bet on the traditional market (Bovespa here) and I think crypto lovers would adopt the platform if they were aware of the token and its usefulness.
It shouldn’t be difficult to get it listed here, cost should be low.
If not for @mercadobitcoin, I suggest @braziliex. The second most requested.

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I suggest our next target would be the one of top 3, or no more CEXes.


I agree, Ryan. We need exchanges with good liquidity that can get FNX recognized. I’d rather FNX be on 3 good exchanges rather than say 6 crappy ones. New exchange listings would be beneficial.