More incentives for Sushiswap mining

Though a dual mining mechanism (Sushi and FNX) is offered by contributing liquidity on Sushiswap, the AMM pool size there is still not growing as expected.
I propose to increase the mining incentive there. Right now it is 3000 cFNX/day.
How about making it to 6000 cFNX/day or 8000 cFNX/day?

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Yes I support this proposal. If the Sushi AMM pool grows in size there will be less slippage for acquiring FNX outside centralized exchanges.

Are there any multipliers there? Or is that the final new cFNX for a day for providing SushiSwap liquidity? Also, it really might be a good idea to try and get FNX on some decent CEX.

No multiplier there. I think we really need to incentive more on the AMM


Ok, thanks. Then it’s practically pennies when compared to the rewards in the mining pools (of course not necessarily APY-wise but I was worried about newly “minted” FNX). Any plans for Pancake? I’ve asked it in the other topic but it’s obviously connected to this one as well.

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Yes, we had some internal talks about it hours earlier.
We think we can make it the same as the Sushiswap mining for 2 months in the beginning and then adjust according to circulation on different chains later.

What is your suggestion?

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I think for PancakeSwap the goal should be a liquidity pool that matches the Sushiswap incentive and then plan to adjust it based on volume after 2 months. If it is the same cFNX mechanism as the Sushiswap pool it should be too inflationary.

Afaik, SushiSwap rewards are peanuts compared to the options pools mining rewards. There are no boosters for AMMs.