New FinNexus Product

FinNexus team are working on a new type of DeFi product, apart from DeFi options.
The new product will still be in the scope of derivatives.
Any particular field that might interest you?

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Ohh wow, can’t wait to find out more about this? When will frax pool go live?

Leveraged and/or Inverse tokens.

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Are u reading my mind?? :laughing:

Is it possible for FinNexus to create FNX → Token representation for Long and Short like Long_FNX token and Short-FNX token…
I personally find it very easy to buy those tokens and just wait. it is easy for people to just buy tokens than interact with smart contracts.

I am sure it is not comfortable for traders, so apology to other traders.

How about we start Long or short tokens for WBTC, ETH and others, like what you can find on FTX?

I Just love this idea, it is very simple and you can do it on wanBTC, wanETH also as you have already bridge working on ETH<-> Wan we can bring it on wanSWAp and trade them as people might want.

it just very easy for the users like me to hedge there bags by buying short_asset_tokens (considering in this example bull position in holdings)

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Yes. FinNexus is also going to launch this model on Wanchain. The best plan is to use Wanchain as the L2 solution for Ethereum :slight_smile:


How do you plan to solve the funding rate payments? AlphaX is allowing to simply hold the leveraged tokens to be exposed to leveraged positions or even to hedge their existing positions as the funding rate is baked into the token price.

No need for the funding rate mechanism in leveraged tokens, as the funding rate mainly existing in Perpetuals.
Bacause In FinNexus’s design, leveraged tokens are fully backed by the positions that actually held by the users or contracts, not in a way that Synthetix or UMA may apply to synthesize the risks and returns.
Also I believe our way is different from AlphaX’s methdology.

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just to be clear, Wanchain cannot be a L2 solution to Ethereum. You can build a bridge to Wanchain, but
this doesn’t mean that Wanchain is secured and anchored to Ethereum.

It provides FinNexus with an additional option, let’s find out together.
Of course, L2 solution needs to be regarded carefully.