New Finnexus website style - proposal

Greetings to everyone from the FinNexus community. I’m Alex - a partner at
We’re a blockchain fund focused on decentralized finances that helps projects bootstrap their technologies and get broader adoption.
FinNexus project is a part of our portfolio. Hedging mechanisms are important, especially during the bull market phase, and the technology behind Finnexus is promising. As part of our efforts, we’d like to propose a slight redesign of the Finnexus website. Please find it below and feel free to leave feedback and comments. Image direct link


This design looks great and user friendly to navigate. For the average user it will be easy to learn the ins and outs of options and how to use our platform. I like that you have the “connect wallet” button on the main page to get users started right away!

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The truth is that the current UI is quite raw. Compared to Hegic as the biggest competition, I would guess, FinNexus provides more but does not sell it enough. Even though rationally, it does not make much sense, investors (and crypto-investors even more) make their decisions based on “feelings” as well. And the graphical part of the base website is one of these. The one presented here looks pretty nice.


Very textured and like it

I like it! Seems pretty nice

I do like the style. Thanks for the great work.
The only thing is that I like a lighter theme more.
Well, just a personal preference :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice start, I think it’s overwhelming with colour. color choice (the choice of purples ) and use of white space.

same prefer a lighter theme

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Those on pancakeswap are the Dapp’s page. This is our homepage so it is okay to be a bit different.

I agree that the dapp’s page should be neat and easy.

Yes totally agree. I like uniswaps use of colour and design and space even though it’s a dark theme. … maybe take some tips from this?

That’s a nice design. It gives a more professional first impression, more modern and attractive than the actual one. I agree, the background color could be less dark. It would also make the content blocks stand out better.

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Making the color a bit more gentle, that’s all needed