Offer “complex” options strategies

It has been mentioned on the forum before. The current offer of naked puts and calls is a bit limited and is probably not being “sold” enough.

As puts and calls can be combined to form strategies, these can easily be offered as separate products. I think at least strangle, straddle and butterfly can be offered. These can be used to make the UI more user-friendly for investors not that much into options. We can have separate boxes for different options and strategies (like for the BSC single coin mining pools) and each can have a suggestive question like “feeling bullish” (call), “feeling bearish” (put), “expecting extreme jumps up ur down” (strangle, straddle), “expecting calm market” (butterfly). And each strategy can have a pop-up (or external link) with technical but user-friendly description of what these strategies are.

I think there can be pretty much any strategies offered as it is simply a combination of puts and calls. The only limitations are the covered versions (as investors need to buy an underlying asset as well, even though this might be an idea for some partnership, or automatically done through DEXes) and strategies that need shorting (but this can be probably sorted out as well).


Had a discussion on Discord with Ryan on a similar thing (wrapped strategies):


This is a really interesting idea. The platform is working but it is far from user friendly… “feeling bearish” names and basic structured options with a simple explanation will boost user adoption (like Hegic interface). The goal of the project it is to provide decentralized options and derivatives… once there is a real product, working, and with significant users flow, price of the token will increase accordingly.

In my opinion, this type of developments should be prioritize to secure the project’s long term sustainability


Totally agree. We need a better and more friendly interface, for the newcomers.