Proposal for Gas Reimbursement for Humble Farmers

As you all know, for those who play with smaller portfolios, gas costs are a big factor in determining whether to enter a pool or not. Many small farmers entered these pools with a calculation on breaking even. However, halving the base rewards meant many of these farmers did not breakeven on their gas costs and will instead exit these pools at a loss.

I would like to propose a gas reimbursement for those who meet the folllowing criteria:

  1. Deposited with less than $30k in capital in the USDC/USDT - FNX pools.
  2. Deposited before Mar 27, 2021, 3:00 PM (the conclusion of the governance vote to introduce a halving scheme for mining incentives)

This gas subsidy shall be provided in FNX. What $ amount this may be is open to discussion and a recommendation from the team.

Shamelessly copied and “adjusted” to fit our needs from FLOAT.


Thanks for the feedback. We would appreciate hearing the voices on this topic from other community members.

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I think the payout will still be rather decent even after halving. I think pretty much everyone who was part of the ETH pool got their investment “back” (vested but it’s there) in few weeks. With the current price probably faster. This has always been a long term investment and I believe ETH transaction fees will be cheaper with the upgrades coming Q2/Q3.

In short, I would be against this even though I would qualify, I’m not a whale (yet;-)).


Smaller yield hunters should move to BSC or Wanchain for lower fees.

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It does sound fair but where do you draw the line. After all it is an ethereum problem with many projects suffering the same. I’m not sure of the capabilities on the team’s side but could be a good incentive to attract more smaller retailer investors into the space.

I suppose I’m a good candidate here as I’m new to FinNexus and as a small fish I invested around $6k to the pool only around 3 weeks ago before the rewards halving was discussed and I think I paid over $1k in gas fees. To be quite honest, it would be delightful to get some of those fees back in BSCFNX as goodwill, however I don’t feel strongly about it either way.