Proposal on buying back and burning FNX with the fees accumulated in FPO

There are some fees from the options transactions, accumulated in the FPO.
If we distributed them to the FNX stakers directly, it will be too little for every individual.
How about buying back and burn some FNX with the fees? It could at least decrease the total supply.


I think it can be destroyed by buyback

Yup sounds good to me

Good idea! What kind of $ amount does it represent?

Sounds good to me. It is peanuts to be distributed and buyback+burn is a good gesture.

Shall we propose this for a community vote?


I like this idea and I think it is worth trying.

If results are positive, a recurring buyback + burn would certainly be beneficial for FNX holders.

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I like the idea. Much better than sitting there doing nothing, or distributing like nothing :slight_smile:

This proposal has been updated on snapshot for voting.

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