Start collecting transaction fees

I suggest we could start considering collecting transaction fees from the options purchasing and settlement. And we can distribute these fees to the qualified FNX holders, or do a buyback-and-make strategy as indicated here.
What do you guys think?

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Great idea. I like the buy-back-and-make model to benefit healthy markets and FNX holders. We need to do more to aid the average FNX holder. Distributing fees could also be a good idea. Are we looking at both ideas or will we decide on one?

I would like to bring this idea here for discussion.
Also, the team is subsidizing the protocol for high GAS expenses in running the FPO.

I agree with this - distribute these fees to the qualified FNX holders :slight_smile: buyback and make strategy - is not correct -because even people that didnt even care about fnx - will benefit from it - so active holders- would be punished for activity.

Great idea!
What will be the process to be considerated as a qualified FNX holder?

It makes sense. But we can even take one step forward. Because we have an FNX pool. We can buyback the FNX from the market, stake it in the FNX pool, and redistribute the increasing FPT tokens to the long-term FNX pool participants (like those who locked there for over 1 year).

This proposal will go to the snapshot for voting.

Let’s do this right now.