Airdrops to some addresses of intensive DeFi Users?

Did you know BadgerDao? They did a good airdrop to attract a great number of high quality DeFi users and made a fast launch.

Right now, FinNexus is still not known to many and we need to increase the exposure.
How about an airdrop to some addresses with a similar logic as BadgerDao?

Like we select some addresses from Hegic’s pool or option buyers, or some USDC yield chasers like yUSDC, aUSDC and cUSDC holders and make some airdrops?

What do you think?

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Airdrops could be helpful for wider exposure.
But, if it is too little, ppls just don’t care.
If it is too much, it will hurt the current FNX holders. The people receiving airdrops will sell.
Hard to control the quantity.

I might be helpful to airdrop some vesting FNX or locked ones in the pool.

Yes, it is hard to find a balance.
And I agree that a direct FNX airdrop may hurt the current FNX holders.
I like your idea of giving some FPT(in the FNX pool) to some qualified addresses.
Say, these FPTs are locked for 3 months in the mining contract.

It may directly put them in the game through mining, and the FNX are locked for some period of time. The selling pressure on the market is limited. Moreover, it may intrigue their interest in further digging FinNexus, and max their mining by putting some USDC in the other pool.

A great suggestion, Rose. Thank you.

The BadgerDao airdrop/marketing was very effective in targeting BTC-DeFi users. So effective that built a strong community of developers and supporters. I have spent quite some time in their discord.

FinNexus needs to increase exposure through airdrop along with liquidity mining. The airdrop will bring a lot of attention which is what we want as long as we target the right users. BadgerDao targeted BTC users and provided something valuable to them. Besides the vaults, they will airdrop DIGG for BADGER stakers according to the period they have staked (DIGG is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged 1:1 to BTC).

Thus, FinNexus´s airdrop should offer something valuable not only to decrease FNX sell pressure but also to grow the community.

What can FinNexus offer?
1- How about an option strategy (protective put, strangle, straddle, …). Something where new users can see the benefit of user FinNexus Options. WhiteheartDeFi will offer protective puts using Hegic.
2- Earn yield being an LP with extra boost based on different vesting period.
3- FinNexus would give some discount/rebate on the first option the user purchase.

Airdrop target users: this somewhat depend on the items mentioned
1- FinNexus users (LPs and option buyers) to not hurt them.
2- Hegic and Opyn users. They could be randomly selected. The user would go to the platform to check if it´d earn something.
3- Maybe random LPs of FNX and yield chasers (yUSDC, aUSDC and cUSDC).
4- To followers of big influencers in derivatives/options (a bit crazy this one).

As strategy, the airdrop could be split in two parts and with some simple tasks, say “learn about options reading article”.

FinNexus´airdrop has to very target oriented: general DeFi users or experienced ones from Hegic/Opyn. It has to be effective, like BadgerDAO style.

Ok, that´s my two cents.


Thank you for your advice and we are seriously considering an airdrop plan.
1\ Vested airdrops
2\ Highly targeted airdrop recipients
3\ Lowering the gas costs for airdrops
4\ Giving a time limit for claiming airdrops
5\ Limiting the volume of total airdrops.

How about this plan:
Address qualified for airdrops:
1\ FPO users
2\ Hegic Wbtc and ETH pool participants (Defi options participants)
3\ Curve Dao users (Stable coin yield chasers)
4\ YFII whitelisted holders (Future intensive cooperation parties)

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Just need to make sure we use locked tokens to limit the impact on FNX holders. Any idea how many participants that would be?