Providing Liquidity on Sushiswap?

Sushiswap is Introducing Onsen, a new liquidity mining incentivization program. I think we could initiate a double mining program on Sushi as a replacement for the current FNX liquidity incentive on, as now Uniswap doesn’t have any UNI mining incentives provided.

The Sushiswap discussion page and snapshot page are as follows.

There are procedures for it and we need to apply to be approved on the list.
We are currently whitelisted on Balancer already.

What do you think?

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Actuallym I suggest to go either with Uniswap or Sushi and not both. They are just too similar. I would rather go with an alternative that allows single-side liquidity pools which allows for new target groups (e.g. people not wanting to be exposed to IL).

I suggest Bancor (now live with 2.1 and already more than $100M TVL) or Dodo (going live with 1.5 this month, $25M TVL). What do you think? These would also expose FinNexus to a new target group and could end up in a fruitful partnership.

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I guess Uniswap is because of the volume while Sushi’s Onsen will offer double mining (Sushi and FNX) for liquidity providers (LPs). Besides, Sushi’s volume has been increasing.

I think Ryan’s criteria is about who is offering the best incentives for LPs such that people lock FNX as a way to decrease the inflation rate. As a buyer, I don’t care because I used DEX aggregators.

Which incentives do Bancor (besides IL insurance) and Dodo offer?

I agree. The challenges are to find the best target group to focus on:
1- Liquidity providers aligned with good incentives.
2- Options buyers. This is where we come in to play. But we still need UX/UI improvements…

Shall we merge the FNX liquidity mining with Sushi mining now??
It will largely increase the liquidity.

So shall we do this? We need more liquidity and it is not good to make it scattered around in different dexes.

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Do it now!!!
The liquidity is too shallow.